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Public slams clearcutting, as only 1% oppose restrictions. more here

The Ecology Action Centre, Margaree Environmental Association, and the Sierra
Club of Canada erected two anti-clearcutting billboards, at the north ends of Barrington
Street and Robie Street.
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The Old Man and the Trees
Transcript of Dr. Wilfrid Creighton

The Genuine Progress of Nova Scotia's Forests
by Sara Justine Wilson

Cheapening the forests: Government incentives on private lands

by Penny Kuhn

Endangered: Nova Scotia's Old Growth Forests
by Minga O'Brien

Clearcut Death for the Atlantic Salmon
by J.W Drescher

Clearcutting ain't fire
by Faisal Moola

Pulp Psychology 101: A Profile of Don George
by Daisy Kidston

Axe to Grind
by Bruce Graves

A Matter of Time
by Wade Prest